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Statement Arts ​



Design Research / Branding / Strategy ​



Program Coordinator

Statement Arts, Inc.

How might we reach at-promise youth through the arts?

Statement Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual and performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals. We channel creativity to educate, to enhance intellectual performance, to empower and guide, and to build self-esteem. Statement Arts is committed to giving students an intercultural and interdisciplinary arts experience to which they do not have access. Statement Arts believes in the power of art to inspire social, cultural, and environmental education to further a legacy of responsible global citizenship.

my role

I have been dedicated to this organization as Program Coordinator since May 2018. I’ve support planning and coordination of the youth arts summer program for grades 3 - 11 and its activities. This has included maintaining detailed program records and documents, serving as primary contact for students and their families, and supervising teaching artists and interns. My role has also included supporting ancillary planning and coordination of the college preparatory program such as maintaining detailed program records, serving as a mentor for students during the application process, and communicating regularly with students about program updates. I work closely with the Founder + Artistic Director and Executive Director to monitor program performance.



During my time with this organization, my responsibilities have expanded to include fleshing out the new visual arts program offerings. Statement Arts is working to rebrand and I’ve led that charge visually and strategically by revamping communications materials, the annual reports, and redesigning the website. My main focus has been to communicate the high quality of our programming and how it serves our students in order to secure more funding and reinforce our reputation as a cherished cultural institution in the neighborhoods we serve.

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