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TBK Bank is the culmination of a Texas-based financial group acquiring the branches of a smaller bank in Colorado and Kansas. As part of the merger, their name and brand changed in order to reflect their stock ticker number (TBK). Our primary goals in rebranding was to retain a high percentage of existing customers while attracting new customers in the small towns they serve. They wanted to establish themselves as “a local bank that cares” to each of their new acquisition locations.


This personalized approach to banking continues to be expressed through my art direction in local, custom photography capturing lifestyle imagery with a warm, atmospheric quality. My approach as Art Director emphasizes attention to detail in the local markets and brings a sense of ease to both internal and external audiences. My supporting graphics carry a hand-crafted nature to them, with a hint of nostalgia, and a nod back to a simpler time, but with a modern flair that bridges the gap between generations of customers and employees.

Print Materials
Stationary / Packaging

I served as the Art Director for this project and developed the new brand image from top to bottom. All imagery was shot on-location and I took care of scheduling, storyboarding, and booking talent for our video and photo shoots. The brand and its launch campaign focused on the idea of locality and warm, rustic, homegrown elements. This was expressed and customized to each location based on the region they were published. The look extended itself across different media, including digital ads, newspaper sponsorships, and in-branch materials.


We created custom posters and large format banners that can be seen in branch locations. These elements reinforce brand messaging and awareness throughout a consumer’s banking experience. Using high-quality imagery and stylistic photo treatments, these combined elements spread brand awareness and communicated TBK Bank’s breadth and depth of high-quality services that had never been available in many towns before.

Photo Shoot Planning
Designs for Web
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