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UN Habitat: Global Symposium



Facilitation & Synthesis / Experience Design 


Siebel Center for Design

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

How might we design experiences that fuel collaboration and create shared goals?

In collaboration with the University of Chicago's Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, our team from the Siebel Center for Design sought to capture real-time feedback from and facilitate synthesis with participants during the  The Global Symposium on Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods. The symposium took place in Urban October in preparation for the World Urban Forum in 2020, assembling leading urban practitioners, community organizations, researchers, policymakers, and businesses working to create a networked approach to implementing the New Urban Agenda as a means to localize the Sustainable Development Goals.

my role

The Global Symposium welcomed more than 250 guests and speakers from around the world, in addition to students from different disciplines. Attendees enjoyed 2.5 immersive days of panels, receptions, and site visits on topics ranging from community organizing, technology, and the human costs of climate change. These discussions were both reminders of the advancements being done in pursuit of global sustainability as well as how far we have to go to reach our goals.

our response


Speakers discussed current sustainable development methods being implemented across different continents and elaborated on strategies for the next 30 years and the consequences of inaction. The speakers then gathered for a panel discussion and answered questions from the attendees.

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